Access Control Systems allow the user the ability to determine who can go where and when. An audit trail provides accountability, while allowing for remote control of entry and exit devices. Events recorded to a head end computer may be linked to video, paging or alarm functions. By combining software and hardware, the system can be controlled, queried or programmed from anywhere on your network or via TCP/IP.

A true access control system provides more than just door control. It should give a complete picture by employee or by door of all activity in your facility. Do you ever wonder who was in over the weekend? Our access systems are based on time tested user friendly software and can allow monitoring and control in remote sites through your existing network.

A typical system has four basic components:

  • Software or WEB interface
  • Door control modules
  • Locking devices, door position sensors, rex’s (request to exit sensors), and card readers.
  • Cards and card readers.

“One Card Technology,” is the ability to combine independent systems onto one card. Multiple tasks like magnetic strips for food plans, proximity for door access, bar code for library use, smart chips for vending account deduction and photo ID, can all be accomplished on one card. All of these systems work to increase security and improve controls. By choosing the right technology today, you can reduce the risk of having obsolete systems tomorrow.

With the addition of a badge printer, the access cards may be printed with multiple custom designs. Employees are easily identified so visitors or intruders are more easily noticed.

With all of our systems, our success is driven by our skilled and personable technical staff. Our crews are factory trained on all the systems we represent, and they have a “can do” attitude to work with you, to train you, and to help you understand your systems so you get the complete value from your investment.