Custom Web Design

With a custom designed website, we have the flexibility to make the website look and function the way you want it, even matching the style of your existing print materials. You are guaranteed a choice from up to three custom designed concepts, created specifically for your project.

Base price for a new website is $750

Domain Name Registration

The website’s domain name is what is often referred to as the “website address”. Website domain names are registered through separate companies known as domain registrars. I can assist you in registering a domain name with the proper organization.

Domain name fees range are $35 a year or lower.


Website Visitor Statistics

In order to find out how well your website is working for you, there are a variety of website tracking service that record the number of visitors, what pages they read and for how long, as well as many other useful statistics.

Tracking services run between $5 – $15 a month. Free services are also available, although with less thorough information.

Website Maintenance

Any website I design is owned by you, the client. You are welcome to perform updates and modifications as you wish. However, doing so may require a knowledge of website coding that many people are not willing to learn.
If you foresee that your routine updates will be minimal and sporadic, every few months or so, then it may make more sense for you to simply pay to have your website updates done, rather than going through the learning curve required to maintain the site yourself. Website updates are billed at an hourly rate, with a minimum charge of 1/4 hour.
Depending on the amount of work involved, we can arrange billing on a monthly or quarterly basis. For most websites, routine updates do not amount to more than a couple hours each quarter. If you think that your website will need updates on a frequent basis, you may opt to enter into a quarterly maintenance contract.

Website maintenance is billed at $50/hour

Search Engine Optimization

Getting your website listed with the search engines, such as Google and Bing, requires an in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that not all website designers possess.

Search Engine Optimization starts at $125

Website Hosting

Website hosts are companies that provide space on a server that has a dedicated connection to the internet. This is where your website files reside in order to be accessible by the public.

Website hosting fees for a normal small business website are $15 – $20 a month.