Remotely View Your Home Security Cameras From an iPhone | Boston, MA

Today, security cameras are very common, often a necessity.  They can be a tremendous asset for your business and home, as they can greatly reduce, deter, and discourage theft. Most important of all is peace of mind.  Home security cameras can provide a sense of well being for someone that travels and wants to keep..

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Security Cameras And Surveillance Systems | Boston, MA

  Many businesses are making the decision to install security cameras, or other types of surveillance systems, for the primary reason of saving money. Yes, that may sound absurd; however, with the proper installation of various types of surveillance systems, companies are finding out that they can save a lot of money in several key..

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Project Engineer Job Opening | Boston MA

On August 29th, 2011, posted in: cctv, Commercial, Computers and Networking, Security by 0 Comment

SUMMARY: This position is responsible for the overall turnkey design, installation and checkout, commissioning, and troubleshooting using detailed company guidelines.  Performs moderately complex customer support activities for equipment and systems products.  Ensures that each project assigned reaches final completion on time and is implemented at or below the estimated cost in the approved sales estimate..

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11 Benefits of Owning a Surveillance System | Boston, MA

Over the past 2 years, literally most of customers have told us: “I can’t understand how I’ve lived without a video security system for so long.” In addition to catching criminals, a well-designed system offers countless benefits that will protect your assets, result in a safer environment, and help you more effectively manage your business..

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Security Cameras Can Help Prevent Theft and Shoplifting|Boston, MA

Customers / Shoplifters: Are traditional cameras effective? Yes! Granted, it’s hard to call anyone a customer when they’re stealing. Keep in mind that this group is not comprised of professionals. They’re everyday people who pay for most things but occasionally offset purchases with shoplifting, and they typically don’t enter stores with a plan to steal...

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Security Camera System for Your Business | Boston, MA

Reasons to Buy Surveillance Systems for Your Business! Why are so many businesses installing surveillance systems in their offices? The main reason is TO SAVE MONEY. Companies that invest in surveillance equipment are likely to save money in the long run in a number of ways: Here are a few reasons to get a surveillance..

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