Bedroom mounted TVs

Wall Mounted Plasma’s and LED HDTV s | Brookline, MA

This Client had three HDTV s that they wanted wallmounted 1.) 55 inch Samsung LED above the fireplace for the living room which we custom mounted the HD Box behing the TV and installed a IR eye so they could still use the same remote control 2.) 42 inch Panisonic Plasma for the bedroom  ..

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2011 HDTV televisions | Boston, MA

One of the top questions that I get a lot is what type of TV is good for me? Well here is a quick guide/Opinion on what works for the Dorm rooms for the back to school season coming up. On the cheap Panasonic TC-L32C3 Look, you don’t need any of those slick connected features,..

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Installing and creating a Home Theater | Saugus, MA

Congratulations! You are about to create a home theater! Only two considerations remain—equipment and lighting. The following tips will help you make good choices to get your home theater up and running. Choosing Equipment:     Home theaters are based on multiple kinds of technology. For example there is Projection, LCD, Plasma, LED, LCD-LED. All..

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Wall mounted LCD Stoneham, MA

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This install was a memorable one for us. This client just recenly moved into his house and had two TVs he needed wall mounted. One was above a fire place, and this one which was located in a bedroom. The trick with this one is, the client wanted all the devices hidden (cable box; DVD player). This..

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