I get asked all the time “what laptop should I buy” and I answer the one that suits your needs and the one with the long warranty and what I hear in reply is normally “but what brand”. What I answer to the brand question is in most cases it does not matter as long as you are looking at a laptop that suits your needs. You can not get a $600 laptop for gaming and doing cad work but you can get a $600 laptop for typing and surfing the net. You cannot just buy the cheapest laptop and expect it to do everything well. Just like you wouldn’t walk into a car dealership and buy the $12,999, 3 door hatch back to go off-roading with it.

If you need a lot of power then do not expect to get it from the cheapest laptop you can find. If you want to check your email now and then and surf the web then the cheapest laptop may just do what you want.

The next thing to remember is that a hardware fault in a laptop is painfully expensive if it relates to your screen or your motherboard so a long or extended warranty can save a lot of heartache. A warranty that lasts 2-3 years is great but one that lasts 5 may be helpful if you are not someone who likes that new laptop smell.


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