Why is My Computer Running Slow?

The Top Reasons Why Your Computer Could Be Running Slow:

[list lined]

  • Not Enough RAM! You must have at LEAST 1GIG for XP and 2 GIG for Vista and Windows 7. Any less will require your computer to work with your VERY SLOW HARD DISK as opposed to your VERY FAST RAM.


  • A FAILING APPLICATION: A failing application or one that is using your Hard Disk will use up the majority of your computer’s processing power. We can find these debilitating applications and cleanse your computer back to its maximum efficiency.


  • DUST: Congests your CPU/Processor making your computer hot due to decreased airflow. Current Intel processors slow themselves down as they get hot. Once cooled, the problem goes away.


  • Power Settings: Your computer could be set on half power. Power settings are located in Control Panel to check if this is an issue.


  • A FAILING COMPONENT: Your software could take up to a half hour to load based on wait time for valid data from a failing component.


  • A Virus, Spyware, or Maleware



Tirella Networks has the solutions to all these issues affecting your computer and more. Contact us today to get your computer running at its maximum potential so you can be too!