As your computer gets older you may notice that the fans in your computer get louder and more annoying. You may notice that your computer gets slower and slower the longer it is running.

You may have a number of issues but one of these is simply dust. “Dust?” you say “How could dust slow my computer down or make my fans spin faster?” Well it all starts out in most cases with clothes and carpet fibers making something a little like a net over the heat-sink on your CPU (a heat-sink is an aluminum or copper block with fins that sits on your processor with a fan stuck to the top to keep it nice and cool). Once you have a little net it begins to catch smaller and smaller dust until the fan can no longer blow any air past this layer of dust.

Now the bad stuff happens… HEAT … heat is the enemy of computers.  As your processor gets hotter it may slow down in the case of Intel processors it will become unstable and in the end your computer will turn off and not turn back on until it cools down.

The solution is simple if you are happy to open your computer. You can take the side off and clean the dust out with a small brush and vacuum cleaner. Be careful of the fins of the fan as they can be broken with very little force.

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